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February 18, 2021

Traveling can be a life-altering experience. It can be a serene, beautiful, amazing trip, or it can be a learning one. Sometimes, it’s even possible to combine the two, making it an experience you won’t forget. Travel adventures with the motorhome are on many people’s wishlist, however, not a lot of people actually manage to do it. It takes time and preparation, and if you’re willing to put the effort in, you will surely reap the benefits of it. It can be something you can experience by yourself, bring your friends along, or enjoy it with your family. Some steps need to be taken beforehand, to ensure everything will go according to the plan.

Want to learn more about how to get this achieved? Keep reading the article!

Many people dream of traveling but don’t always have the opportunity or the means to do so during their professional life. Among them, more and more candidates to escape take the open sea as soon as they retire to discover new horizons on board a motor home.

These houses on wheels can be bought or rented, and the most gifted ones can also do it themselves, spending all their free time transforming a vehicle into a motorhome. But before you consider setting out to conquer the great outdoors, a few essential details need to be worked out. Waking up each morning to a different landscape is a joy to be prepared for. Don’t forget to find out about the legislation in force in the country or countries you intend to cross and to take out the necessary insurance.

Practical side

Once your motorhome is ready, you will need some preparation to adapt to the new volumes of your vehicle. This time, you will not be driving a car, but a 6 meters long and 3 meters high monster! Be careful when you drive into a tunnel, a gantry, a parking lot entrance, or a simple curve. Also beware of the air displacements that your motor home, larger and therefore more sensitive than a car, will suffer.

Practice driving, but also maneuvering, for which you should not hesitate to call your co-driver to the rescue. You might as well avoid running over the dog or hitting the car next to you while trying to park.

All of us who have embraced this new lifestyle will tell you: for your own comfort, always put your vehicle in a flat spot when you stop. And don’t forget to lower the stabilizing feet for the night!

Prepare to recharge the electric battery, fill up the gas tank and bring sufficient food and water supplies before you leave. Remember to save water and electricity: they run out quickly!

Let’s go!

In Switzerland as in France and in most of Europe and elsewhere, it is forbidden to camp or park in certain areas, including woods, forests, and nature reserves, on roads or public thoroughfares, on the shores of the sea, in a classified site, near a historical monument or within a 200-meter radius of a water catchment area, etc. There are guides to motorhome service areas* that will be very useful in finding approved sites. In these areas, you can also connect to the electricity network, which will allow you to save your reserves for less comfortable stops. These areas are also equipped with wastewater disposal grates. Rediscovering the Planet… Grandparents on the Road Choosing freedom on four wheels doesn’t mean you’re safe from burglars or muggers. For your safety, choose to park in busy and supervised areas, including when you stop to visit a city or do your shopping. As with the contents of your car, never leave valuables in plain sight.

Regular travelers discover over time that this mobile home requires a few precautions, without which you may find yourself in a mess at the slightest speed bump you cross. Don’t leave items “loose” in your camper and protect your dishes with cloth or paper towels to avoid breakage. Many travelers prefer plastic or cardboard dishes.

Grandchildren on vacation

Have you decided to take your grandchildren with you on a little trip with your family coach? Great idea! But plan the trip well in advance. The stages should not be too long: children quickly get tired of long trips. If they like the change of scenery, they also need to take with them the things that reassure them in case of a little drop in morale. Don’t forget any comforters, but also games, toys, crayons, radio, mp3 player and other books or small battery-operated game consoles that will distract them during the trip and when the weather is bad. The first aid kit should include any medication that the children need to take, while their official papers should be in your bag.

Provide resorts that are child-friendly and attractive enough to appeal to children as well as to you. Children’s favorite places? Amusement parks…

Even in an RV, never leave a child alone in the vehicle, even if you’re going away for a short time.

If they are old enough, prepare the trip with them, explain the steps to them when you prepare your itinerary, which you will choose as safely as possible. All you have to do is pack your bags and hit the road for adventure!

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