March 3, 2021

Festivals can be an amazing experience. They’re frequent and occur all over the world. They can also vary greatly in content since there’s a lot of different festivals. There are religious festivals, arts festivals, food and drink festivals, and seasonal and harvest festivals. One of the most common ones nowadays are the music festivals, which fall into the art category. They’ve always been popular, but there are hundreds upon hundreds these days. We’ve chosen to present a couple of them to you. The festivals are Verbier, Gstaad, and Avenches. All three have a lot to offer and are worth checking out!

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Every summer, the Verbier Classical Music Festival attracts internationally renowned artists to the Valais resort. The festival has become one of the major events in classical music, and not only does it offer the public top-class concerts. It also gives festival-goers the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of classical music by attending introductions to the concerts and lectures for adults. The Verbier Fest’Off also offers free concerts, jam sessions, musical aperitifs, and other cultural excursions combining art, relaxation, and discovery.



The Menuhin Festival Gstaad, founded in 1957 by the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin, is based on two major axes: the Gstaad Chamber Music Festival, built around great personalities (Joshua Bell, Sabine Meyer or Andras Schiff, etc.), and the prestigious symphonic concerts given under the Festival Tent.



Another major summer event, the Avenches Opera Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2014, saluting the occasion with a new production of “Carmen”, from 4 to 12 July. Every summer, tens of thousands of spectators invade the arena to attend these magical performances, featuring the greatest opera artists under the stars…


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