Thalasso and its benefits

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February 16, 2021

Thalassotherapy centres are available everywhere nowadays. It’s an extremely relaxing experience that can help you recover your energy and positivity. More and more elderly visit thalassotherapy centres to do thalasso because they’re aware of its benefits. If one happens to partake in such a thing, they would have to get examined first so it can be tailored to the individual. Doctors, masseurs, and physiotherapists will organize the treatment in order that will suit you best. There are various treatments, of course, both individual and in groups, depending on what you prefer and what’s best for you. 

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Aware of the well-being that it can bring them, many seniors visit thalassotherapy centres. They are offered fitness cures specially designed for them by the sea, whether in Brittany or Normandy, but also in spas in Switzerland and throughout Europe, or under the sun in Morocco and Tunisia.

There is nothing like a thalassotherapy cure to relax and regain your energy while enjoying the curative effects of the treatments. If you opt for a senior thalasso, you should know that it will begin with a medical visit to better target your needs, while taking into account any health problems you may have. A personalised programme will be drawn up by a team of physiotherapists, doctors and masseurs, according to your general condition and your morphology.

If you wish, a dietary assessment can also be carried out to check that your diet is well adapted and that it provides you with the nutrients your body needs.

What treatments?

Once there, you will have the opportunity to follow the group and individual treatments offered by the thalassotherapy centre you have chosen. Treatments focused on how to preserve and maintain your body and your health.

Among the most common individual treatments are seaweed and mud applications, body modelling and massages, bubble and hydromassage baths, underwater showers and hydro jets. Massages and modelling are used to relieve muscle tension, soothe body pains and stimulate circulation. Baths and water projections are designed to treat joint, gastric and respiratory problems. Wraps help to rehydrate the skin and treat skin imperfections.

The group treatments are designed to stimulate the muscles and joints while adding a fun and friendly aspect to the exercise. You will be able to join a group of gentle aquagym, marine stretching and muscular rehabilitation in the pool. —For those who wish, the cure can be enhanced with beauty treatments. Exfoliation, lifting and facial massage sessions give the skin a new youthfulness thanks to natural products that are not aggressive to the epidermis.

An ancestral benefit

The benefits of seawater have been known since antiquity when it was used to treat infections. Little by little, the multiple possibilities of salt and iodised water were revealed and studies were carried out, notably by doctors who were curious to know more about these natural virtues.

It was around 1820 that thalassotherapy centres underwent a major evolution. Henceforth, treatments were no longer given on the beaches as had been the case until then, but in a building where the seawater was heated.

After the two world wars, these centres lost their interest in the public, until 1961 when the practice of thalassotherapy was made official in France.

Over time, the centres have expanded their offer, proposing new and varied disciplines, creating a new craze for this wellness and fitness stays adapted to all ages and all publics.

Cure and tourism

Well-being cures are also part of the thalassos’ offer, intended to free the body from the tensions accumulated over time. Spa, bubble bath, sauna, hammam, spray showers, essential oil baths, relaxing massages and seaweed or mud wraps are part of the professionals’ arsenal designed to help you find a rested body and a serene mind.

Between treatments, the setting in which the thalasso is set up, usually by the sea, allows you to enjoy invigorating walks. If you opt for a cure in Morocco, it is an excellent opportunity to visit the region. The centres in Marrakech allow you to discover the medina.

The thalasso brings certain well-being. But once the cure is over, it is important not to lose its benefits. You will be advised to maintain the eating habits taught by the specialists. Drink a lot of water, eat fruit and vegetables, avoid sugary and fizzy drinks as well as coffee, and keep a light hand on sugars and fats are all rules to adopt in order to maintain the positive aspect brought by the cure. Finally, don’t give up sports activities. A thirty-minute walk every morning or a few gymnastics will keep you in shape until your next relaxation and fitness holiday!

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