The healing power of spices


May 14, 2021

Everybody uses spices. We all know spices are used to enrich the food we eat, it can even improve the most boring of dishes. Not a lot of people know about the healing power of spices though. Many of them have antioxidant qualities, some even more than fruits and veggies! Not only do they make meals delicious, but they can also help you with reducing inflammations, arthritis, cancer effects, and many more. Some of the most beneficial spices are basil, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, clove, caraway, rosemary, and more. 

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In the kitchen, herbs and spices give us the opportunity to spice up meals without adding a single extra calorie. Even a rather boring dish becomes a taste sensation. But that is not the only quality of the spices: many have antioxidant properties, more than many a fruit or vegetable, and other positive effects that have been proven by scientific studies.

Here is a selection:

Number 1 on the hit parade of beneficial herbs is basil. The plant has anti-inflammatory effects, relieves arthritis, prevents allergies and intestinal inflammation. Basil helps fight dangerous bacteria in cases of food poisoning. It also contains beta-carotene.

Cinnamon has the reputation of having the highest amount of antioxidants of all spices. As such, it regulates blood sugar levels, relieves muscle pain and stiffness, and stimulates the brain. It is also said to strengthen our defenses against infections and parasites.

Cayenne pepper makes every dish spicy and warms the organism. It stimulates the metabolism, helps burn fat, and, when served as an aperitif, has an appetite suppressant effect. If you fear it is too aggressive for the stomach, rest assured: cayenne pepper helps heal the digestive tract and prevents stomach ulcers. It is also credited with relieving pain in arthritis and arthrosis and strengthening blood vessel walls.

Clove has a powerful antiseptic effect. It can be used to fight infections and digestive problems and to relieve arthritic pain. Most often, clove is used for toothache.

Caraway is also rich in antioxidants, digestive, and detoxifying. It stimulates the bile and the pancreas. It is used for respiratory problems and bronchitis.

Fenugreek is less well known and is actually a legume. This clover gains its importance from its ability to lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It also helps with loss of appetite.

Turmeric has gradually gained a reputation for having anti-cancer effects and slowing down Alzheimer’s disease. The strong curcumin content is responsible for this. In Chinese medicine, it is used for many ailments, such as liver disease, intestinal problems, general digestive problems and colds.

Rosemary has been regarded since ancient times as a concentration and memory enhancer, antidepressant, circulatory stimulant and digestive aid. It strengthens the immune system and eases respiratory complaints.

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