Light therapy as an alternative to the sun

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June 5, 2021

We all know we can’t exist without the sun. It gives us vitamin D, creates melatonin, and more. So when the days get shorter, we start to get less and less of these useful things. Our moods can deteriorate in the winter, the body starts to function more slowly and our energy levels fall. That’s why we have light therapy as an alternative to the sun. It can help get rid of these problems and can be used quite easily in our homes. What’s amazing is that this technology actually gives us the benefits of the sun without the harmful side-effects, like infrared and radiation. 

To learn more about this amazing technology, keep reading the article.

When the days become shorter again and the sun retreats to other climes, many people suffer from more or less pronounced mood swings, which in some cases can even lead to winter depression. Light therapy can provide relief here. The effect on seasonal moods and the support in overcoming the winter blues, which set in when the sunlight becomes less, give this method its Rationale for existence.

The retina no longer absorbs enough light, mood deteriorates, and the body functions more slowly as our energy levels drop. Light therapy can be used to overcome this problem that affects many people, and it can be used quite easily in the comfort of your own home.

Natural light is essential to strengthen the immune system and protect us from infections. Light therapy has been recognized for about ten years. Its action is simple: the white light of the lamp reduces the sleep hormone melatonin and stimulates the production of the hormone serotonin, which gives us energy. To benefit from this winning combination, the patient is irradiated with a special lamp that imitates the light spectrum of the sun, without the harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Thus, the application is completely risk-free, provided that a few instructions for use are followed. For example, the face should be 40 cm to 1 m away from the lamp. If it emits 10’000 lux, half an hour per day is enough. If it emits only 5,000 lux, one hour should be allowed.

Light therapy is not only recommended as a remedy for light deficiency. It is also useful for travelers who are troubled by jet lag, and for those with sleep disorders due to night work, and can help return to a normal sleep.

The prices of these lamps vary depending on their power and area, ranging from a little over 100 francs to several hundred francs. With these light therapy lamps or corresponding glasses, you can read or work on the computer in peace during the treatment. The portable glasses do not dazzle, so you can continue your usual activities undisturbed during the treatment.

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