Gardening… without a garden!

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April 19, 2021

Nowadays, there are ways of gardening… without a garden! What a time to be alive. What used to require loads of outdoor space with many optimized factors can be now done on a balcony or terrace. You will need to shelter your plants from the wind and such factors by creating a fence of sorts. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be plants, you can grow your fruits and vegetables as well! If you don’t have enough space on your balcony or terrace, you can grow your plants vertically. 

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Do you love gardening but live in a rental property without a single piece of land on the horizon? No problem, a terrace or balcony will do just fine!

The fact that you don’t have a garden shouldn’t stop you from enjoying growing flowers and even some vegetables. To do this you need a minimum of equipment. To preserve your privacy, a screen made of bamboo stalks, wood, or synthetic material will be all the more useful as it will protect your plants from the wind and can be used to support some of them.

When choosing your planters or pots, think about aesthetics as well as practicality. Wheelie boxes are stand-alone planters that allow you to tend to your crops comfortably without bending down. Always use containers that are large enough to ensure sufficient food for your plants and to prevent the soil from drying out too quickly.

In the foreground, place the smallest flowers and foliage (such as colored phlox), and the drooping ones (such as Sanvitalia) which will help give your plantations a hanging garden look. Behind them, taller elements or grasses such as Stipa will create a green setting. The background, placed against the screen or the wall, can accommodate light climbers, such as thunbergia alat, also known as “black-eyed Susan”, which is close to the nasturtium. Clotheslines or iron wires fixed to the wall will serve as supports.

For your flower garden, all variations are possible, knowing that the great classics always make their effect, such as geraniums, tagetes, petunias, surficial, daisies, marigolds, etc. Remember that grasses are hardy and come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. They are ideal for creating an intimate corner.

What about vegetables?

For them too, there are mobile vegetable gardens with containers of different depths, depending on the vegetables you want to put in them. Although it is not necessary, the automatic watering system saves trouble. This device consists of a hose with holes and spikes that runs through your containers and is equipped with a humidity regulator. You can also choose the grow bag technique, a plastic bag filled with a substrate that you simply pierce in the places where you want to plant your salads. You can find “standing vegetable patches” in most garden centers.

Vertical gardening

There is nothing to stop you from planting high up, as long as you install a small structure that allows your plants to cling to it. For vegetables, choose to have a bean or another climbing vegetable along the wall. As for flowers, clematis is well suited to the exercise. You can also find planters in the shops that can be stacked to form a mini-garden. It’s up to you to fill them with flowers, strawberry plants, vegetables… or any other combination!

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