Robots in the house!

iRobot vacuuming while owner rest

April 20, 2021

We keep seeing more and more robotic options that assist with our everyday tasks. The automatic robot vacuum cleaner, for instance, can both vacuum and clean your floors without your intervention. You can activate it with a single tap in your vacuum app on your phones and it will begin cleaning the house, even if you’re not home. There is a wide variety of “smart home” options, ranging from cleaners, curtains, lights, electronic entertainment, and much more. They keep improving by the minute and new technology keeps being implemented into our daily lives. 

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Robotics are no longer the preserve of science fiction films. Today, robots are making their appearance in our daily lives and can be very practical.

Are you tired of vacuuming? Engineers have been working on you for a few years now and have come up with independent hoovers that can clean your floors without your intervention. These intelligent “wafers” are usually rounded and equipped with wings that allow them to pick up dust in the corners and most inaccessible places. Even better: the new models can be transformed into a mop when their task is finished so that you can attach microfibre wipes to them.

Robotics and home automation are now making their way into our homes, determined to make our lives easier. In the same spirit as the smart hoover, the autonomous lawnmower capable of mowing your lawn by itself was created some fifteen years ago. Since then, many improvements have been made, but you still need to lay a perimeter wire in your garden to mark out the areas that the robot should mow.

A companion robot coming soon!

You may not notice it anymore, but many homes are equipped with systems that make daily life easier. Electric roller shutters controlled from a simple box, automatic garage doors, outdoor lighting that turns on at the slightest movement have become part of our daily routine. Gardening… without a garden! Do you love gardening but live in a rental property without a single piece of land on the horizon? A terrace or balcony will do just fine! The fact that you don’t have a garden shouldn’t stop you from enjoying growing flowers and even some vegetables. To do this you need a minimum of equipment. To preserve your privacy, a screen made of bamboo stalks, wood, or synthetic material will be all the more useful as it will protect your plants from the wind and can be used to support some of them. Other new products are less so. Among them, Buddy, a small assistance robot with a cartoonish face, measures 45 cm and was designed by a French start-up (blueFROG Robotics). You can play and chat with him, but he also acts as a guardian angel thanks to the sensors he is equipped with. Able to detect a fall or an abnormal activity, a gas leak, or a fire, it can give the alert by transmitting a photo of the incident to a member of the owner’s family or to a caregiver who can intervene. This companion robot, designed for the general public, will go on sale during 2014 at less than 1000 euros, we are told. The fact that it provides services makes it a valuable helper… but it must not be allowed to forget that it will never replace the warmth of a loving presence.

And in the future?

Researchers are still looking at possible improvements for the future. Watching a film at home while enjoying its scents is already possible thanks to Odoravision, which combines an olfactory diffusion system with software that places odors on the images.

Electronic chips concealed in clothing or placed on bodies with electronic tattoos are also on the horizon with the mission of taking care of each of us. They would be able to measure our heart rate, blood pressure, or blood sugar, and tell us when to stop exercising, detect pollen, ozone concentrations in the atmosphere, etc.

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