Digital tablets: our new darlings!


March 5, 2021

Tablets first appeared around 2010. Over time, more and more people keep getting ones and now you have several of them within a single family. It’s like your smartphone, except it has a much bigger screen, thus making it easier to operate. It has all the features you’d expect, you can even use them to call people if need be. More accurately, digital tablets are a mixture of computers and smartphones. They’re light which makes them excellent traveling companions. You can play games on them, watch movies and shows, learn, read, work, and more!

Want to learn more about our new digital darlings? Keep reading the article!

In restaurants, while hiking, at family parties or with friends, while traveling, in waiting rooms, it is more and more common to see a touchscreen tablet in the hands of one or more people. These little gems of technology, which appeared in 2010, are selling by the millions and attracting an ever-growing audience.

If you’re not yet a fan, you may be wondering what it is about the tablet that appeals to the enthusiastic user.

With its sleek design and good quality screen, this hybrid computer/smartphone device is a multi-functional companion without a keyboard and mouse. The touch screen responds to the touch of your finger or stylus, making it easy to use. Connected to the Internet, it allows you to check your emails, take advantage of a video conference via the integrated webcam, read ebooks, watch videos, take photos, listen to music, surf your favourite sites, etc.

Light and compact, it is a nomadic tool par excellence, easier to carry than a laptop, and has a variable battery life depending on the model (fourteen hours for the most efficient). Depending on how you will use it, you can choose a larger or smaller size.

There are several operating systems for tablets. The most popular are currently Apple’s IOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows 8. Do you like movies and other memory-intensive games? It is best to pay attention to the storage capacity when buying a tablet. For basic use, 16 or 32 GB will suffice. But if you want to store more films or games, you should opt for a device with 64, 128, or 256 GB.

Laptop or tablet?

Do you want to change your laptop and you are hesitating to buy a new one or to opt for a tablet?

On the downside, you should know that the latter, despite all its qualities, will not be able to compete with a computer if you type long documents or if you are a fan of office software. On the other hand, Apple models, unlike most other brands, do not have a USB port and SD card, reader. You can, however, buy adapters.

As far as mobility and multimedia applications are concerned, the tablet is a joy to use every day. It follows you around the house and beyond, and offers an intuitive interface for surfing the Internet in optimal comfort.

The choice is yours.

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