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March 6, 2021

Photography has changed drastically over the years. The first photo was taken in the 1800s and it was captured using a technique called heliography. It developed immensely over time until we got to a point where every mobile phone has an excellent camera. You used to worry about the cost of film, developing the photos, avoiding waste, and more. Nowadays, you can take 100 photos in 10 seconds if you wanted to, simply delete the ones you don’t like, save the rest and move on. From paper to digital was an amazing transition, it all leads up to this point where everyone has access to a good camera. Digital cameras are simply amazing and are a must have if you have the slightest love of photography!

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If there is one field that has evolved enormously in recent years, it is photography. In a short space of time, digital has been adopted by the vast majority of image hunters, both amateurs and professionals, relegating film to the ranks of outdated techniques.

The flexibility of digital has allowed a new approach to photography. Now there’s no need to worry about the cost of film, avoiding waste, or waiting to retrieve photos during development. We multi-shot, re-shoot at will, check the results immediately, save our images and send them within a minute via the Internet.

These new methods have made photography spontaneous, user-friendly, and fast. These qualities are much appreciated, but we should not forget that we no longer have any negatives. It is, therefore, best to think about saving the images we value if we do not want them to disappear forever

And yet, this technology, which is so practical, has one drawback, as the purists point out: many of us no longer see our images other than on a screen. And no matter how good the screen is, it will never make your photos look as good and crisp as paper. The solution? Get your best shots developed or print them yourself. In the latter case, it’s best to invest in a good printer and take a serious look at the often complex way of managing the colors so that they look like they do on the screen.

Another option, which has been very popular in recent years, is the photo book. There are many offers. All of them offer free software to download and use to create your own book. The layout is child’s play, the paper quality is good, the book formats are numerous and the prices are very reasonable.

What to choose

The basic rule for choosing a digital camera is to choose a model that suits your needs. If you want to immortalize your family or holiday memories and the big events in your life, the compact camera, which is light, small, easy to use, and powerful, is made for you. With it, the lens and flash are incorporated into one easily transportable body.

The SLR is suitable for the most demanding users who want to take pictures of exceptional quality. This is the equipment of professionals and high-flying image lovers. It consists of a body, flashes, and interchangeable lenses. While this equipment does not go unnoticed, manufacturers are working to make it lighter and less cumbersome.

If you are hesitating between a compact and an SLR, you can still choose a bridge camera. With its larger body than a compact camera, it offers a fairly powerful optical zoom lens that is close to the technical capabilities of an SLR. Less expensive than the latter, it allows you to take quality photos with the right lens.

Whatever your level, there is a camera adapted to your possibilities and wishes.

There is a camera to suit all tastes!

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