Us and our pets: paws, claws, and scratching

July 28, 2022

Who does not want to be loved? How about the ultimate love? What if we tell you that the ultimate love has so many health benefits as well? Pets will be your perfect companion, your shoulder to cry, your best friend, someone who will always understand you and they will ask very little in return. With a help of this article, you can choose the perfect pet for you. A pet that will give you a sense of responsibility and companionship.

Anyone who loves animals is aware of this… It is a privilege to share the existence of those balls of affection that are dogs or that paragon of grace and serenity that are cats!

Their presence at our side is a daily benefit, which should be subsidized by the health insurance. Tested in the laboratory with electrodes placed on their masters, caresses, and cuddles immediately lead to a drop in blood pressure. So much so that pediatricians, geriatricians, and other psychologists all agree that the quiet strength of a cat and the tender and contagious joy of a dog work wonders.

They comfort the depressed, socialize the disturbed, relax the anxious, reassure the lonely, distract the idle, and force the less motivated to exercise when it comes to taking the dog out. Whoever we are, they soothe us, fill us up. And why? Because even though they can be mischievous, tricky, cunning, even thieving, they give their trust without betrayal. With them, there is no conflict, no risk of disappointment.

The benefit offered by animals complements that offered by humans and does not compete with it. In addition, dogs are perfect liaisons between people, making it easier for dog owners to talk to each other when they meet.

Animals are a bulwark against loneliness and give us back a hundredfold the affection we give them. Provided they are properly trained and socialized from an early age, they are ideal companions at any age. However, it is always advisable to choose an animal that matches your physical abilities. If you can’t guarantee the long daily walks he’ll need, avoid choosing a large, athletic dog that’s difficult to control and opt for a small breed that’s docile if possible, and that’s happy with shorter walks. These daily outings, even if they are short, are still excellent exercise for both the owner and the dog.

If you wish to please your elderly parents, do not take the initiative of offering them an animal that they have not chosen. Talk to them about it, and go and visit the kennels together, knowing that, whatever the age of the owner, adoption is a matter of meeting and chemistry between the two members of the future tandem.

Don’t give them a reptile, fish, turtle, or rodent in a cage as a surprise. All of these animals are hard work, live for a short time, and you will not find tenderness or affection with them.

Finally, if you are hesitant to take in a dog or cat because of your age because you are afraid that it will outlive you, you should know that shelters are overflowing with aging animals abandoned by their masters, or left alone when their owners die. They too have much to give and dream of finding a reliable and loving companion to enhance their final years. Their presence is more than beneficial if we are to believe the many examples of owners who, thinking they are at the end of their tether, take in a last old companion. And, ten years later, they are on their second or third adoption. It is as if the dogs or cats that have come to live with them have given them back the energy they had lost.

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