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Herrn Markus Nievergelt

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July 29, 2022

What happens when you have presbyopia? Basically, your eyes gradually lose the ability to focus on nearby objects. It’s a common illness that comes with age, though it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be an elderly person to get it. Some of the symptoms are eyestrains or headaches after close work or reading, difficulty reading, squinting, trouble focusing on objects that are near, etc. Risk factors include eye trauma, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, anemia, and more. There are lenses that can correct presbyopia though, and if you’re experiencing these issues, you should consider getting a pair. 

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What does presbyopia mean?

Presbyopia comes from Greek and means “old eye”. Presbyopia is the progressive loss of the eye’s ability to adapt from distance to near vision. With varifocals, you can compensate for this “aging condition” in the best possible way. They allow you to see well in the distance, at medium distances as well as up close.

What causes long-sightedness?

If the eye does not have a defect in vision, near or distant objects are sharply imaged on the retina. In this process, the lens of the eye curves according to the distance of the object in order to always provide the eye with optimal and sharp vision. Farsightedness is a natural development that affects everyone sooner or later from the fourth decade of life. As part of the general aging process of our body, the lens of the eye slowly loses its elasticity. This means that the eye can no longer focus sufficiently on close-up vision.

What are the first signs of presbyopia (long-sightedness)?

It is often the small impairments in vision that herald long-sightedness. Many people notice that they have to hold the newspaper further and further away in order to see clearly. When doing handicrafts or handicrafts, close-up vision is no longer optimal and everything becomes blurred.

What options do I have for farsightedness?

Several types of lenses are available today for the correction of farsightedness. Although all lenses restore near vision, there are differences in performance and comfort. Reading glasses correct near vision, but when you look further away, your vision becomes blurred despite the glasses. Computer glasses are an ideal solution for those who often work at a computer screen.

The lens covers the reading area perfectly up to a distance of 1 m. The area in the lens for near vision or PC distance is much larger than with varifocals. The area in the lens for near vision or PC distance is significantly larger than with varifocals. Progressive lenses are the most modern and efficient type of correction for farsighted people. With progressive lenses, the optical effect changes smoothly between the distance and near range. The gaze can move unhindered overall visual distances without effort and in a natural way.

How compatible are progressive lenses?

Many factors influence the compatibility of the lenses. The basic requirements for compatible lenses are, of course, the fitting, perfect centering, a precise medical history, and the appropriate lens selection. If these points have been taken into account, no problems should occur. There are, of course, many other factors that play a major role in everyday life. For example, depending on your needs, an additional pair of computer glasses or reading glasses can be an advantage, as varifocals are not always comfortable enough in certain cases.

Can varifocals be tested?

Each progressive lens is made individually for each customer. However, at Optic 2ooo you receive a compatibility guarantee on the lenses, which is part of our service. If the quality of your vision is poor, you can have your lenses replaced two months after purchase. And if you do not tolerate your new progressive lenses, we will exchange them for a pair of farsighted lenses and a pair of near-vision lenses.

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