Three practical Swiss apps!

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June 12, 2021

In today’s world, we couldn’t imagine living without extremely helpful apps that aid us in everyday tasks. We’ve chosen three practical Swiss apps for you to try! The first one is Echo112 and it’s free to use. It sends your location to emergency services worldwide thus potentially saving your life if it’s in danger. The only thing that’s required in order for it to work is having the GPS enabled. The second one is Urgences CH. The app makes it easy for you to make an emergency call in the midst of a car crash and similar situations. You can contact all national emergency services with a single tap. The third one is SBB Preview Application and it’s a great way to learn about transport options and even booking them. You can even combine multiple transport options. 

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Some applications are more useful than others… If you own an iPhone or Android tablet or smartphone, here are three that could be of service to you!

Echo112: free of charge, this application created by the Lausanne-based start-up MobileMed can save your life by sending your position to emergency services worldwide. In Switzerland, Air-Glaciers is among those who recommend its use. Thanks to the GPS of the smartphone, the application identifies the country where the user is located and contacts the nearest emergency services. At the same time, the application automatically sends the GPS data to the website, where the rescue workers can then easily retrieve it and locate the caller. The only requirement for this to work is that you activate the GPS function on your phone.

Urgences CH is also one of those applications that can save your life. It makes it easy to call for help in case of accidents and other dangerous situations. 100% Swiss and designed by a student from Geneva, it allows you to contact all national emergency numbers with a simple click, as well as the European number for emergency services abroad (112). To this small SOS directory, you can also add a national roadside assistance number.

Want to plan and book your train journey easily? The SBB Preview application allows you to compare the various means of transport and, if necessary, to combine several of them. It gives you the most economical or most comfortable variant, allows you to buy your tickets, make reservations and view the routes.

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