The fusion of the arts is now a trend!

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May 12, 2021

Switzerland has a festival that is a combination of music, painting, choreography, and wine. It’s called the ArtDialog and it shows why the fusion of the arts is now a trend. There’s something for everybody to enjoy and partake in. Svetlana and Dimitri Vasylyev, musicians from Ukraine originally, have been organizing ArtDialog in Biel since 2012. It’s an amazing cultural experience that will enrich your lifestyle. You can choose which exhibits do you want to visit, or you can just visit them all and appreciate all of the arts. Amazingly, it’s also a non-profit organization. 

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Switzerland is home to a wide variety of high-quality festivals, including the most famous classical music festivals. Originally from Ukraine and professional musicians, Svetlana and Dimitri Vasylyev have been organizing the ArtDialog festival in Biel since 2012 and seem to have found their place in the homogeneous cultural life of the region.

The concept behind the festival is symbolized in its name “ArtDialog”. Indeed, it is a real dialogue between the arts -music, painting, choreography, and the art of wine-, a dialogue between cultures and generations, a dialogue between the artist and the public.

This year, we will experience the sixth edition of the festival, from 8 June to 1 July in Biel, La Neuveville, and Moutier.

Every year, as part of the Visual Art project, an exhibition of unknown or little-known works and masterpieces that deserve to be rediscovered is organized. This time was devoted to 24 great Biel-based painters. More than 60 works that were stored in the art archives of the City of Biel were presented for the first time at the Residenz Au Lac. The major trends of the 20th century were on display, ranging from Impressionism to Modernism, from the works of the famous Robert family of artists to our contemporaries Walter Kohler-Chevalier and Erich Müller-Santis.

The musical highlight of the 2017 festival was the unique concert by the world-famous violinist Vadim Gluzman. This musician regularly plays with some of the world’s leading orchestras, including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. He collaborates with the greatest conductors such as Neeme Järvi, Tugan Sokhiev, Itzhak Perlman, Paavo Järvi, and Vassili Sinaisky. On 24 June, Vadim Gluzman presented a program of high-quality chamber music with the famous pianist Evgeny Sinaiski in the concert hall of the Residenz Au Lac.

Another excellent multimedia project of the festival, Art Total, was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of European modern art. Masterpieces of Russian, French and German music for cello and piano were played by Russian musicians Denis Shapovalov and Alexander Vershynin, accompanied by a video projection of the greatest painters of the first quarter of the 20th century.

Another important mission of the ArtDialog Festival is to discover new names in music. This has given rise to a special project, Art Future. This year, young artists from Mongolia and Ukraine made their debut at Art Future 2017 on 10 June.

Art Dance, yet another facet of the festival, is a project dedicated to the art of ballet. Soloists from the Zurich Opera Ballet Oleksandr and Sergiy Kirichenko and Spanish dancer Aliana Pizzi presented a choreographic fantasy “Let’s Tango”, inspired by the masterpieces of Astor Piazzolla on 1 July, the last day of the festival.

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