Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad

August 28, 2022

Need something that is completely delicious, easy to prepare and light, yet filling enough to keep you going until your next meal? I think we have an idea. This ultimate summer Quinoa salad with vegetables and fruits will be your favorite dish. You can put ingredients that you think will fit, but we definitely recommend you to try this one! Breakfast, lunch or dinner? It does not matter! Make it for a day later, still delicious when cooled. But first you need to learn something about Quinoa..

This special cereal contains nine percent protein, a high level of vitamin E that will cleanse your body of toxins. It will also help you fight migraines as it contains large amounts of magnesium and vitamin B2. What further enriches this food is certainly iron, which will satisfy as much as half of the daily need for iron. Of course that’s not all, this powerful ingredient will also help you get rid of constipation! It contains insoluble fiber that regulates digestion, protects against colon diseases and helps with gallstones. Quinoa will also protect you from breast, stomach and bowel cancer and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

This food is perfect for vegetarians, vegans, babies from 7 months of age, and can be eaten by people suffering from celiac disease because it does not contain gluten. These data really show how super-powerful this food is. That’s why the Quinoa salad will be a complete hit this summer!

Ingredients for Quinoa salad

You will need a few ingredients that are very everyday and easily accessible. These ingredients, in addition to giving a special taste to quinoa salad, it will also bring you health. Below we bring you a list of groceries and exactly what each of them offers:

Quinoa – we have already told you about it, but let’s just repeat it briefly – delicious, gluten-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians!

Avocado – This fatty food will give you the necessary daily dose of omega 3 fatty acids – this way you protect your heart, brain and skin.

Apple – rich in fiber, so by consuming this food you will ensure the necessary level of blood sugar, and it perfectly raises the taste of salad

Salmon – because why not, rich in omega 3 fatty acids, and deliciooous.

Fresh peppers – C, B1, B2, B3, A, D, E, K, whole alphabet of vitamins

Feta cheese – a little protein does not hurt anyone, and will give a salty touch to Quinoa salad

Nuts – In addition to salmon, this food will also take care of your heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

Olive oil – there are several types, but whichever you choose you will not go wrong. Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, K and E, cloforil and lecithin which will balance your metabolism. This oil in Quinoa salad will only give that final flair without which it simply cannot do.

Alternative for vegetarians / vegans

If you may not like each of these ingredients, you can always replace it with something else you prefer. In addition, we have prepared a very worthy substitute for salmon and feta cheese for our vegan friends. Instead of salmon you can always put pieces of toasted bread, chickpeas or beans. Baked bread will give you a crispy feel on your palate, and it is very easy to prepare. Cut the bread into cubes, throw it on a heated pan and – voila! Also, chickpeas and / or beans are a worthy option. Very filling foods and very tasty, cook in salted water or pre-cook them with onions in a pan. And when it comes to feta cheese, one great substitute is tofu cheese! Tofu cheese has always been known as one of the best substitutes, and it’s very mild taste will not allow it to overpower the flavor. For those who don’t like tofu, we have another cheese substitute, and that would be coconut oil cheese. Great substitute for feta cheese, sprinkle little bit of salt and you’re good! Well, now you know exactly what you are going to put in your Quinoa salad, I think we can start preparing it!

Preparation of Quinoa salad

Step 1: Slice all the fruits and vegetables you have. Peel an avocado and cut it into cubes, peel and cut an apple into cubes, clean the walnuts and cut them into smaller pieces. And fresh peppers – hollow them out and wash them, then cut them into strips. When you have done all this, it is time for the thermal preparation of the food.

Step 2: thermal preparation of the food; you have to cook the quinoa in salted water. You will add twice the amount of quinoa to the water, and put half a teaspoon of salt in one cup of quinoa. While the quinoa is cooking, prepare a pan on which you will fry the salmon with a little olive oil. You fry the salmon for a few minutes on each side, first starting with the side where the skin is. Add a little salt and / or pepper on each side when baking. If you want, add a sprinkle of oil and fry the peppers just enough to release the juice.

Step 3: Everything is already sliced ​​and heat treated. Put all the ingredients in a salad bowl and grate some cheese as desired. Finish the whole story with a few drops of olive oil and enjoy your Quinoa Salad.

Bon appétit !

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