Is dancing old-fashioned? Certainly not!

man and woman dancing

January 4, 2022

It is never too late to learn new things in your life. Dancing is fun but it can have a lot of health benefits too. Spending time surrounded by like-minded people, learning new moves, and having fun while doing so, sounds like a perfect way to spend few hours a week. With every new movement, there is a possibility of injury. In this article, we will go over the key benefits of dancing, but also point at the things you need to be aware of.

Did you always think that dancing was an activity reserved for teenagers and young adults? Think again. Not only can it be practiced at any age, but for the past fifteen years, several studies have shown that regular practice of dance is beneficial in reducing the risk of dementia, just like playing a musical instrument or spending time playing board games. Any new activity learned as we age has a proven added value, as the brain is challenged in an unusual and stimulating way.

It is said that dancing is silent poetry, that it offers us the luxury of being happy by being ourselves. However, it is important to know how to practice it with sufficient ease so that it becomes a joy and not a burden. For this, courses are given everywhere.

Dancing is one of the most popular disciplines in many ways. It requires stamina, concentration to retain steps, prevents dizziness because it accustoms the body to move in space and to find its way around without losing its balance, provides a fun physical exercise, and generates pleasant social relations. Add to this already long list the re-learning of flexibility and control of movement and you will understand that its benefits are multiple.

However, it requires some precautions. While there is no age limit for taking to the dance floor, it is important to have a good warm-up to avoid cramps and other possible sprains. If you are just starting a class, you should know that as with any new activity, you will need perseverance. And if you suffer from foot, knee, back, hip, chronic or cardio-respiratory problems, among other things, ask your doctor for advice, who may or may not give you the green light. Then all you have to do is choose between waltz, rumba, salsa, tango, or, why not, wild rock! Knowing that, for singles, dancing has the added advantage of making it easier to meet people…

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