Connected home, for better security


March 16, 2021

As technology keeps advancing, we’re getting more and more to keep our homes a safe place. Connected homes, for better security, are not a dream anymore, but a reality. This includes health alarm systems, internet access, mobile phones, connected pillboxes and watches, geolocated aids, and more. There are various options to choose from, you can get a hotel-like experience for the elderly. or you can share a flat with a student. There are even residential buildings offering social care. A lot of solutions have already been implemented, but a lot of them are still being planned.

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As baby boomers see their hair turn white and their gait slows down, it is time for experts in the economics of the aging population to come up with solutions to support comfortable and safe living at home.

Unsurprisingly, this prospect involves new technologies and connected devices. Health alarm systems, Internet access, mobile phones, connected pillboxes and watches, and geolocated aids are all assets that help preserve the autonomy of seniors.

Various housing solutions are gradually being put in place in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe, knowing that it is in the interest of both seniors and the cantons to facilitate home care. Adapted housing, sheltered housing providing shared premises and security services, private residences for seniors offering hotel-like comfort, residential buildings offering social care, flats shared with a student: various solutions have already been implemented or are still being planned.

The example of the “Diabolo Menthe” residential building in Fribourg is an example of what can be done to maintain an almost ideal daily and social life. In 2015, Pro Senectute-Fribourg moved into the ground floor of this seven-story building with 42 flats, where it runs à la carte services and meeting points. A reassuring initiative that combats the isolation of the elderly and recreates the warm atmosphere of a village in the city…

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