Connected bracelets, the accomplices of our movements

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June 11, 2021

There’s been a huge upgrade in health tools for us to use on an everyday basis. One of those tools are connected bracelets which are the accomplices of our movements. The reason why bracelets sales have gone up, unlike the watches, is their clear identifiable functions and, most importantly, affordable prices. They measure every step you take, calories that you burn, heart rate, sleep, and many more. The best one on the market currently is FitBit. It offers a wide variety of device options with several models. There’s a reason why we see more and more people wearing them everyday, they don’t only look good but are extremely functional as well.

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You can’t ignore it… A new health tool has come into our lives over the last five years: connected watches and bracelets. While wristband sales have taken off, watch sales have struggled a bit more to find their place. Why is that? Because bracelets offer clearly identifiable functions at very affordable prices, unlike the much more expensive watches.

If your wrist is still untouched by such accessories and you want to learn more about how to use them, you can’t lie to your “wrist coach” when you wear it. It measures your movement, steps taken in a day, calories burned, heart rate and sleep.

The world leader in the market is Fitbit. It was the pioneer in this field and seems to be unrivaled with its range of devices in several models. All of them are designed to become your irreplaceable companion and to encourage you to take more steps and make more efforts to improve your weight and health. The WHO recommends taking 10,000 steps a day, so the encouragement of our automatic coach broadcasting messages encouraging us to take a few more steps is not useless…

Beginners focus on the number of steps to take per day to stay in shape and then discover that they can set daily or weekly goals and track their progress on the dedicated application that comes with their bracelet, and which is installed on their smartphone. Your personal data is protected and the company’s charter guarantees that it is not sold to third parties.

If you’re an avid sportsman or woman who is used to doing a lot of physical work, it’s unlikely that this kind of accessory will meet your needs. However, if you’re an average person who wants a motivating companion to encourage you to push yourself day after day, this is an ideal option. And if you invest in your wristband, you can buy models that offer additional functions, including tracking sports activities such as swimming. Some also teach you how to breathe better, or calculate the calories of the food you have eaten. To do this, you scan the barcode of, say, the packet of biscuits you ate and enter the number of biscuits you ate.

Most bracelets are not connected watches, but they transmit your SMS, calls and other calendar notifications. Prices range from 85 to 180 francs, depending on the model. This is a very affordable price for a gentle return to a more active lifestyle.

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