Computer coding at your fingertips


June 10, 2021

It’s no secret that senior citizens are using more and more modern technologies every day. However, there’s been an emergence of a new field that attracts said citizens and that’s computer programming. Coding allows us to develop new software, websites, guiding machines by telling them what to do, and much more. It can definitely seem nearly impossible at first, that’s why you have to stay with it if you decide to try it. It gets clearer and clearer with each passing second you put into it, and the results can be beyond belief. Computer coding at your fingertips is an amazing thing that you can take on as a way to challenge yourself and create something new and beautiful!

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Here is no age for learning. This adage has never been more true than today. It is not uncommon to see senior citizens at conferences, language courses, music courses, water colour or pottery workshops, etc., and this is not new. But recently we have seen the emergence of a new field of courses which is also attracting new enthusiasts of all ages: computer coding.

But what is it for? Coding is the other name for computer programming, which gives access to the writing of programs that allow you to develop software, a website or a web page, or to guide a machine by telling it what to do. In practical terms, if you want to create your own blog, for example, and you want your text to appear in blue on a pink background, you need to know the lines of code that will enable you to fulfill your wish.

If you are resistant to anything to do with computers, this activity is not for you. But if you’re intrigued and want to explore the mysterious world of computer coding, which is ultimately very logical, you’re not the only senior citizen who’s going to try it.

Many people in their sixties and beyond have been using computers since their inception. They may not have been born with a tablet in their hands as the younger generation is said to have done, but they have witnessed the dizzying evolution of computing since the 1980s. Some have been content to work with the programs they need for their jobs, and others have taken up the game and become passionate about these new technologies. Once they reach retirement age, it is not really surprising that they are interested in exploring this world in greater depth.

Whether you decide to enrol in a traditional training course or an Internet-based course, you will need to be consistent. You will also find that students of all ages who attend these courses are very supportive of each other. This includes online, where most have a private Facebook page, where everyone can ask questions and get feedback from other students and the instructor.

The best thing to do before embarking on such courses is to know exactly what your project is. Do you want to develop your own website, create a small program, or explore new knowledge without putting pressure on yourself? In each case, the exercise is exciting, because it forces you to think differently, in an environment that is unlike anything you have known before. It’s just another way of setting yourself new challenges!

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