What massage is best for you?

massage session

May 21, 2021

The pain that we feel in our body in our day-to-day is inevitable. Back pain, neck pain, and all the other pain struggle is in today’s world a normal thing, unfortunately.  From an early age of humanity, people have invented massages and to this day some of them, haven’t changed at all. In this article, we will go over some of the most beneficial massages to help you relax your body and ease the pain. Read more to know exactly what is the best massage for you.

Physical activity is one thing, relaxation is another. The offer of massages sprouts everywhere, you are spoilt for choice to find the most suitable one. Often the massage style has an exotic name, Swedish or Californian, “deep tissue”, Kamatan, Thai, or Lomi Lomi. Others offer massage with bamboo or hot stones. Many options, some of which come from other countries, each with a different goal. Some are relaxing, like the Californian massage, others are sporty, or stimulate circulation.

Some wellness centres expand their offer, for example with a hammam programme, bathing, peeling and massage with soap. The ambiance and refined decoration are always attractive in a beauty salon, but you must not lose sight of the most important thing: the masseur/s should instill confidence in you, if you do not feel comfortable, the massage will not do you much good. A good professional will assess exactly which techniques and “grips” are perfect for you and do your body good. To help you find your way through the rich offer of different massages, here is a small selection to help you choose the right method – for you:

Ayurvedic: an Indian tradition, complete and stimulating treatment.

Balinese: care treatment from Indonesia, a combination of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Balinese techniques, relaxing and stimulating.

Californian: Well-being massage, gentle and relaxing.

Deep tissue: one of the most physically deep massages.

Kamata: also called herbal stamp massage, Thai anti-stress massage, warm herbal stamps are applied after the massage.

Lomi: Traditional Hawaiian massage, relaxing and balancing.

Hot stones: energizing care treatment with the special feeling of the warmth of the stones on the skin.

Sports massage: in preparation for and recovery from sporting activity, firm touches prevent and relieve tension and sore muscles.

Swedish: complete European massage, relaxing and comprehensive at the same time, especially on the muscle areas.

Traditional Thai: a traditional technique with different grips, with pressure or strokes.

Chinese Tuina massage: traditional Chinese massage, harmonizes the energy flow, can also be performed on a dressed “patient”.

Take care of yourself for a change… Here is a varied palette where we can find something to help us relieve stress and make tiredness disappear!

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