There is no age for love at first sight

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October 20, 2022

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you won’t experience love at first sight. The beautiful thing about it is, it can happen any place, any time, any situation. There are even more and more programs about people over 60 years of age falling in love again because it’s normal and natural! Of course, you have to take into account that today’s elderly are not nearly the same as the ones in the past. First of all, life expectancy has increased a lot, so people are not looking at an older age the same. Secondly, there are tons of helpful organizations, apps, places, events, and many more, to help with this. 

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Love is not the privilege of youth. Entering the “senior” category does not mean that you are doomed to stop feeling the love. On the contrary!

There are more and more programmes about people over sixty who are in love again. And for good reason: age does not protect anyone from love at first sight and from this overwhelming feeling that lights up one’s life.

The seniors of today are not like those of yesterday. In better health, with a longer life expectancy, they no longer see old age in the same way. Depending on the region, they also have a whole range of facilities for getting to know new people: pasta parties, dance clubs, speed dating, etc.

For the less extroverted or those who do not appreciate this kind of event, the new means of communication make it possible to meet people in a different way. On the Internet, dating sites for seniors are numerous, and more and more couples admit that they are the basis of their love stories. The occasional message exchange becomes, in the best of cases, a written conversation first, then an oral one, via the telephone or Skype, a free program that allows direct exchange while seeing the other person. If the two people discover that they are similar, they can then set up a real date to begin a real-life relationship.

Set to last

Seniors who embark on a love affair know what is at stake and are aware of the pitfalls to avoid. For those who are lucky enough to fall in love, there is no question of letting this opportunity pass. Marriages or remarriages between senior citizens are not uncommon, showing a willingness to commit fully to a fulfilling life together.

Age and experience allow for a more subtle mastery of life, for the true value of feelings. In retirement, each person has more availability and maturity to access new well-being in the relationship.

While sexuality gradually evolves towards tender complicity, it still exists in older couples and varies greatly according to the desires and health of each person. Sexual desire has no age. There are medical solutions for any male “breakdowns” and, on both sides of the couple, gestures of affection, coquetry, and small attentions maintain desire and tenderness. The seniors interviewed about their newfound happiness all talk about their desire to see their love affair last. To achieve this, they adopt a philosophy of life based on well-being and harmony. Their recipe? It consists of taking time for themselves, not looking back and moving forward, giving themselves small pleasures every day. The couples have the fact that they are trained and still in love means that they do not have unrealistic expectations of their partner, which avoids frustrations based on utopian ideas. They share common tastes, a curiosity about their surroundings, and the pleasure of traveling, walking, and engaging in activities together.

Awareness of the passage of time

While at twenty we have an exhilarating sense of immortality, maturity and life experience teach us that everything that seemed solid is, in fact, fragile and precarious. The joy of existing, of living, and of being able to savor every moment in the company of the loved one replaces carelessness. This is not a question of resignation, but of realism. This leads many older people to embark on innovative projects as a couple, daring to transgress in a reasonable manner and to enjoy small pleasures that may be considered selfish, but which are so pleasant to experience together.

Especially since all specialists agree that love is good for your health. Living together harmoniously as a couple, sharing feelings of love is an excellent natural antidepressant. As an American study by Professor James Cohan has shown, the feeling of love is soothing. The simple act of touching someone you love has an instant relaxing effect. As the amount of sex increases, the risk of heart disease decreases, stable, shared love is truly beneficial in every way!

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