Passion knows no retirement!

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March 23, 2021

Some people associate retirement with good things, while some associate it with bad things. Retirement, by all means, shouldn’t be bad and it most certainly shouldn’t be a waste of time. Some people try to find new hobbies, some continue working if they’re able to somehow, some try to shake things up by changing something drastically. There’s one thing that connects all of these people and that’s passion. Passion knows no retirement, this further means that you will only have more time to devote to it. If you’re truly passionate about something, there is no way that retirement is going to slow that down, it will only empower it!

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Retirement is not a time of complete emptiness. While some people decide to devote time to the hobbies they have always dreamed of practicing, others cannot bring themselves to stop working in a job they love. For all of them, there is one thing in common: passion…

For those who see the time to turn the page in their professional lives, retirement specialists invariably advise them to think about how to spend their time in the future. This includes leisure time and, if possible, a hobby. Retirement does not have to be boring and unattractive… and it is not boring and unattractive if it is used to explore or deepen the areas that have interested you throughout your life. The basic question is therefore to ask yourself: during your professional career, what did you do with your free time? This will allow you to take up certain activities, maintain them or even develop them. Whether it be cultural, sporting, or intellectual hobbies…

But passion is not just about a hobby. Many Swiss people have no desire to stop working after their 65th birthday. For a third of the country’s workers*, this desire translates into continuing to work after the legal age. Not for financial reasons but, for three-quarters of them, out of taste, desire, or even passion. Experience, dexterity, mastery, and good knowledge of their professional world are not negligible assets that some companies are reluctant to give up. And if some professions are less suitable than others for continuing to work after the legal age, particularly for reasons of arduousness, others are better suited to it.

For some, retirement is simply not an option. Attached to their jobs, they cannot envisage putting an end to what has captivated them all their lives, just because they have reached the so-called fateful stage. We all know examples of people who love their work and are not prepared to give it up. Restaurant owners, shopkeepers, publishers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, journalists, watchmakers, insurers, winegrowers, consultants and so many others: continue to enjoy their work…

In some cases employees reduce their working hours, self-employed people entrust their children with the running of their companies but remain present in the field. Some even go so far as to create new projects.

Their driving force?

Again and again, passion, without which nothing could be achieved.

And afterward?

When age advances and health becomes more fragile, the pace slows down. The solution? Reduce the time spent at work and turn it into a leisure activity. If this is hardly possible for employees, it is possible for self-employed people who have handed over the reins to their descendants.

As for those who have been lucky enough to have an artistic, creative or intellectual activity, they are the best of. Except in the event of a serious health problem, they will always be able to continue to paint, draw, write, play an instrument, compose or pass on their knowledge to the younger generation.

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