Healthy joints

Sylvie Rottet


September 24, 2022

We need our joints for virtually everything. Whether it is partaking in a sports activity or leisurely strolling down the streets, healthy joints are a necessity.  In order to keep them as healthy as possible, we need to exercise often, have a healthy nutritional diet, wear protective gear in some sports activities, and so on. 

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Live the way you want to

In all our activities, we need our joints. Whether we are jumping with our children, trying to set a new speed record or going about our daily chores, we are on the move day in and day out. Keeping our joints healthy helps us maintain our lifestyle.

How can we preserve the health of our joints?

Preventive measures to protect our joints are the key to optimal mobility in old age so that we can enjoy life. Maintaining an ideal body weight, regular physical exercise and a healthy diet help to preserve healthy joints.

How to protect the joints during physical activity?

Low-impact sports such as swimming, cycling or yoga have a preventive effect on joint health. In contrast, certain activities such as jogging, tennis, football, hockey or strenuous physical work have a long-term detrimental effect on our joints. Many athletes suffer from joint pain because they put too much strain on their joints and don’t get enough rest. Fortunately, recent research confirms that cartilage tissue can regenerate. Even when our joints are heavily stressed, we can keep them from being destroyed.

Additional help from non-denatured type II collagen, UC-II ®.

A healthy and balanced diet with strong anti-inflammatory foods such as fatty fish, rapeseed oil as well as high fibre foods help to maintain healthy joints. Supplementation with non-denatured type II collagen, UC-II ® can enhance joint protection and help build the cartilage tissue that is so important to our joints.

What is UC-II® and how does it work?

UC-II ® is a patented, non-denatured type II collagen that promotes the processes of natural restoration in the body. The potency of this substance is so strong that the intake of a single capsule per day together with healthy food is sufficient to favour joint mobility and flexibility.

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