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April 24, 2021

Cruises can be immense experiences. Theme cruises are becoming more and more relevant and popular. And that doesn’t mean only one theme, no, you can combine multiple ones thus ensuring you surely won’t get bored! It doesn’t even have to be on the sea or the ocean, you can go on rivers and canals too. You can choose a variety of destinations, themes, stopovers, and more. There are always possibilities that well-known artists will be performing on the trip as well. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and indulge in!

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Theme cruises are springing up all over the place in specialized travel agencies. Their aim: to combine travel and passions.

If you dream of going on a cruise but are afraid of getting bored, did you know that there are trips of this type devoted to a multitude of themes? There is something for every taste and price, on the sea, on canals, or on rivers, most of them departing from French ports or piers. In this case, you make your own way to the departure point and are then looked after for the duration of the cruise. For a weekend, a week, or more, you can choose from a variety of destinations, with or without stopovers, and a wide range of themes. Well-known artists are not uncommon on this type of trip. In Switzerland, regulars are familiar with the popular music cruises led by Alain Morisod & Sweet People. These cruises leave from French-speaking Switzerland and sail to Sardinia, Tunisia, and Spain. The “Croisière du Rire”, which in May 2013 brought together a dozen comedians around Marie-Thérèse Porchet celebrating her 20th anniversary, followed the same principle, combining a trip with evening shows.

In the same niche, from France, even operetta lovers find their happiness, with trips taking real sets. Several Swiss agencies offer classic cruises, but the champions of themed trips remain the French, who show an overflowing imagination to satisfy their clients. Swiss tourists are welcome to join them. Some offer gastronomic or enology cruises, in the company of great chefs, or to discover the flavors of the world, by learning about cooking and wine through courses and tasting sessions. Other proposals, such as bridge cruises, combine a change of scenery with the pleasure of playing. These allow you to follow courses adapted to your level on the boat and to take part in tournaments. If variety, gastronomy, and the game don’t tempt you, you can also embark on cultural trips focusing on art or history, with lecturers who will share their passion and knowledge with you. The stopovers allow you to visit museums and prestigious sites.

Let yourself be carried along the Seine to meet the Impressionists, along the Danube for a musical cruise to the sound of the music of the Romantic composers, or on the Nile to discover the wonders of Egypt: everything is possible, in Europe or elsewhere…

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