Online video games – Caution, danger of addiction!

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July 9, 2021

A lot of people today play video games. People play them because they are fun, intriguing, and informative. But, above all, these games mean something to your brain. They give you better reflexes, keep you awake and concentrated. You can always choose a theme, from action to puzzles, through home decorating and games similar to these ones. If your friends are playing some of the games, you can play them together! Online video games can be found on any mobile phone with an internet connection.

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The increasing number of studies on this topic all come to the same conclusion: more and more people over 50 are playing video games. Researchers attribute numerous benefits to this activity. Video games keep people mentally active, combat depression and can even “rejuvenate” the brain. So it would be a shame to give them up, especially since there is something for everyone given the huge choice. It should be noted, however, that while most games are initially free, they offer so-called in-app purchases.

To get more energy points and be able to play longer, or coins to buy useful material and progress faster, more or less high amounts have to be invested. However, these purchases are not obligatory, all games can also be used without a financial investment. Furthermore, you will progress faster if you allow advertisements in the app.

Here is a selection of free games for tablets and smartphones (Android or iPad):

  • Object search game Hidden Hotel: The family hotel has come under your ownership and needs to be renovated… and it is the scene of mysterious happenings. During the renovation work you have to solve tasks by finding the objects hidden in different hotel rooms. You are rewarded with stars for each completed level. The original game requires concentration and good powers of observation…
  • Puzzles : With this app, passionate puzzlers will get their money’s worth. New free puzzles are available every day, selectively complemented by several themed series that are also free. You can choose your difficulty level and get new pieces by finishing a game or watching an advertisement. With these pieces, more puzzle series of your choice become accessible. The strengths of the game? The large selection of themes, the beautiful picture quality and the excellent playability.
  • You are probably familiar with Candy Crush Saga, the game has millions of fans worldwide. The goal is to burst colourful candies by dragging at least three candies of the same colour into a row. Since its release, the game has inspired many sequels, including the famous titles Homescapes and Gardenscapes. The principle is essentially the same, except that in each new level you have to help Austin the butler restore the mansion or the family garden to its glory, depending on which game you choose. Titles like Lost Island or Matchington Mansion hold similar adventures.
  • There is also a wide choice of time management games. In Operate Now: Hospital, for example, you have to manage a hospital and in My Cafe the misfortunes of your guests. In Klondike: The Lost Expedition you lead an adventurer’s life in a trapper’s village on the extreme frontier of North America and in Farmville2. you run a farm. All games are available in French and many are also offered via the Facebook app, for example Farmville2 and My Cafe. The app allows you to play interactively with friends who share your love of online games and help each other progress in the game

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