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March 19, 2021

Nescens SPAs are located in Geneva. It’s an innovative health SPA that allows fitness under medical supervision. This is for everyone wanting to get back in better shape, live healthier and happier, and more. It offers services like slowing down ageing, improving one’s figure, improving the functions of our organism, all while relaxing and enjoying your time. These services have been created by Professor Jacques Proust around 15 years ago. They have a multidisciplinary team of therapists, coaches, and medical specialists that are ready to help at every step of the way.

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Professor Jacques Proust, a pioneer in the field of cellular ageing biology and anti-ageing preventive medicine, crystallises his know-how and experience in an innovative health spa concept in Geneva offering 4 or 7-day better-ageing programmes.

Life expectancy is constantly increasing and everyone aspires to preserve their appearance, physical shape and youthfulness to the maximum. Aware of these profound societal evolutions, the Nescens Spas offer the best for those who wish to free themselves from stress in order to recover their intrinsic well-being, regain their dynamism, refine their figure or slow down the effects of time, with the ultimate goal: to live better, as long as possible.

A better-ageing destination in its own right, the Nescens Spa in Geneva benefits from Nescens’ unique expertise in preventive medicine and is located in the Hotel La Réserve Geneva.

A synergy of services such as personalised cures over 4 or 7 days to prevent ageing, manage one’s figure, enjoy total relaxation or improve the functioning of one’s organism, all while pampering oneself, is proposed. Medical consultations, coaching (anti-ageing prevention, nutrition), aesthetic medicine treatments, exclusive anti-ageing cosmeceutical treatments, beauty treatments, sports activities as well as dietetic gastronomic catering are available to clients.

These services have been developed and validated by the scientific committee of the Nescens brand, created at the Genolier Clinic’s Centre for Ageing Prevention by Professor Jacques Proust 15 years ago. They are provided by a multidisciplinary team of therapists, coaches and medical specialists with expertise in the fields of preventive medicine, anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine.

The Nescens Better-Aging programmes begin with a diagnostic phase to identify the bio-individuality of ageing. This assessment, carried out by the spa’s doctor, osteopath and nutritionist, aims to assess each person’s lifestyle and its impact on their ability to live well for as long as possible. It includes a biological check-up, a physical and osteoarticular check-up, a dietary check-up and an anti-ageing medical consultation. This is followed by a personalised programme that focuses on well-being and pleasure without compromising on efficiency. This personalised programme also includes complimentary treatments (osteopathy sessions, dietary coaching, relaxation, cardio, remodelling treatment, de-stressing massage, etc.) determined by the doctor according to the targeted objective. Throughout the course of the treatment, imbalances, which can lead to stress or excess weight, are gently and thoroughly corrected. The client integrates new knowledge and benefits from recommendations to optimise his or her health capital as part of a preventive anti-ageing approach.

Nescens Spas are for all those who wish to better manage their health, their physical and emotional well-being as well as their appearance in order to preserve their future quality of life.

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