Help, my hair is falling out and my nails are brittle!

A mature woman is brushing her hair

Martine Bernier

Health journalist, editor-in-chief

July 22, 2022

Some people experience a sudden hair loss at one point or another, for instance when brushing your hair, you start to notice more and more hair on it. The hair loss doesn’t decrease over time and it doesn’t stop at that, at one point the nails become brittle as well. This doesn’t necessarily come from disease, stress can have a huge factor in it as well as vitamin deficiency. Thankfully, there are specific shampoos today which help with hair loss and balms for brittle nails. Of course, a healthy diet helps with almost everything as well as hair falling out and nails being brittle!

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It has happened to all of us: one morning we notice that the tuft of hair left in the brush or comb is bigger than usual. The hair loss doesn’t seem to decrease over time, and then the nails become brittle! That’s all it takes to spoil our mood.

But these symptoms are not necessarily signs of a disease. So where does it come from? There are several causes:

– Stress is the most common factor in hair loss and brittle nails, but also in other skin problems.

– Other factors also play a role, such as vitamin deficiency: Vitamins A, B, C et E, biotin, inositol and folic acid play an important role in the blood circulation of the scalp and in the production of healthy skin oils. They reduce the harmful influence of sunlight, smoke and pollution on our organism.

– Anaemia and iron deficiency can also weaken hair and nail, as can hyperthyroidism and radiation treatment for radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

What can I do?

If the hair loss and brittle nails are due to a health problem, consult your doctor for a solution. If not, your lifestyle is probably to blame. Here is some advice to make the situation better:

– Try to reduce your stress as much as possible, relieve tension by curbing your daily routine and schedule.

– Ask your pharmacist for a specific shampoo for your hair problem. It depends on whether your scalp is oily or dry. – There are also balms and other solutions for brittle nails. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves when washing and cleaning!

– Treat your nails regularly with a manicure and use only high-quality nail polish.

– Make sure you eat foods that contain important nutrients, vitamins and minerals for your skin and hair (and nails). Your pharmacist can also recommend supplements and treatments. If none of this helps, make an appointment with a dermatologist.

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