Be well prepared for the second stage of life

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May 10, 2022

It is really important to be well prepared for the second stage of life. The earlier we start planning and preparing for the later stages, the better. You can even get expert advice from ‘’ which can help you organize health, living, relationships, philosophical and financial topics, and more! You can even take advice from Swiss Life Select, which offers great financial advisors that can help you manage your finances in an efficient way. If there’s a way for optimization, they will find it and propose it to you!

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The second half of life is an important life event for everyone. On the one hand, a new phase of life begins in which you can reap the laurels of the past years. On the other hand, at some point retirement raises many questions about the newly obtained freedom. Financially, too, (un)retirement is an important event. It is therefore advantageous to start planning for the second half of life early enough and prepare for this new, exciting and challenging stage. If you still want to make a difference in terms of your wishes and goals, then you will be happy if you have 20-30 years left to build up your assets. Young people don’t waste any thought on retirement planning. People in retirement planning, on the other hand, express in unison “if someone had told me that earlier”. The fact is that early starters in the savings process will be the winners with the help of a long investment period.


With increasing life expectancy, we should be prepared to live a long life. For this reason, many people dream of financial independence in the second stage of life. Would you also like to determine your own long life?

Get expert advice early enough to protect yourself from possible pitfalls. gives you the opportunity to experience impulses around the topics of health, living, relationships, meaning of life and finances, so that you start the second phase of your life well prepared.

To ensure that the ceiling does not fall on your head and that you are well prepared and financially secure, we will ask you essential questions in a short seminar and give you impulses to actively address these questions.

Register at and equip yourself for your next stage in life.

For several years, has been offering seminars on the topic of “Seizing Opportunities in Midlife” in various regions of Switzerland in cooperation with Swiss Life Select.

You can also order a guidebook on the subject of retirement in the form of a checklist on our website, which will give you a rough overview of the next phase of your life.


It has raised many questions that we have not asked ourselves until now.Yvonne and Philippe born 1962 and 1963

“On the one hand, I’m looking forward to my retirement, on the other hand, I have to see how I can deal with so much free time.” Hans born 1960

“It showed me that you should also prepare for retirement in your private life. I have done this, but probably not enough” Hans, born 1964

“We will refine our budget even more.” Brigitte and Kurt born 1965 and 1966

“I found it very interesting. Not only were finances discussed, but food for thought was given on general desires such as lifestyle, etc. Claire, born 1964

“What I took away from the seminar is that we should prepare for old age now, when we are still young and fit, and not wait until we are 65 or 70” Clarena, born 1967

Things that I have wanted to do for a long time but didn’t get around to have time again” Bruno, born 1966 “The seminar was very interesting.


Advice from Swiss Life Select is comparable to a visit to the doctor. Just like a health check, your personal financial advisor works with you to create an all-encompassing overall view of your finances. —Your wishes and goals set the tone for the preparation of your financial plan. This initial discussion is non-binding and forms the basis for a consultation appointment. If there is potential for optimisation, we will submit a proposal for action. In doing so, you can select the appropriate financial product from a product range of the best providers on the market according to the best select approach. Only when you know all the alternatives do you choose the best product.

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