June 18, 2021

There are several of Picasso’s visual worlds in different locations, one of them being in Les Baux-De-Provence. They hold digital exhibitions like “Picasso and the Spanish Masters”. People can experience this via pixelated, moving works projected on the walls. They also add music and special effects to enrich the experience even further. The entire valley of Les Baux is mesmerizing, offering ever-present beautiful olive trees, picturesque landscapes, archaeological and historic sites, and much more. The Castle of Estoublon should be on the visit list for everybody passing through. Along with the magnificent visuals of the castle, they also sell fine wines, great oils, and tasty gastronomic products!

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2018 in Provence, you can immerse yourself in Picasso’s visual world at several locations. At the Carrières de Lumières quarry in Les Baux-de-Provence, a new digital exhibition entitled “Picasso and the Spanish Masters” will be on display until 6 January 2019, promising an unforgettable visitor experience.

Ln the impressive quarry that served as the setting for the 1960s film Le Testament d’Orphée by Jean Cocteau, art lovers can immerse themselves in the work of Pablo Picasso. The tour takes them through pixelated, moving works projected onto the walls, accompanied by music and special effects to show them off to their best advantage.

The exhibition traces Picasso’s entire oeuvre. It begins with a detour to Spain, with paintings by the great Spanish masters who influenced him. This is followed by the artist’s transition to modern techniques, which have continued to evolve throughout the different eras. The final section pays tribute to the women in his life who led to the stylistic breaks in his artistic career.

The very special exhibitions of this “cathedral of images” transport visitors into a world of colour and movement. The Picasso exhibition promises an exceptional visitor experience that will plunge us into the heart of this grand master’s painting with the help of modern technologies.


Olive trees are omnipresent in the valley of Les Baux and around the Alpilles. The olive oil produced there can boast a controlled designation of origin and the old oil mills are witnesses to this centuries-old craft. There are many picturesque places in the region, such as the village of Eyguières, which has retained its authenticity.

To escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in another time, take advantage of your visit to the region to visit the Glanum archaeological site on the territory of the municipality of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. There, you can discover an exemplary town planning that reflects history: from a Galli Oppidum built around a spring to a city with Greek and Latin influences. Stroll through the large public Roman square, which served as a forum, and through the Roman-era thermal baths, and discover important religious and civil buildings.


With its magnificent estate, the Castle of Estoublon in Fontvieille is a real gem of the Alpilles. This place, made famous by the filming of the television series Les Gens de Mogador, has made a reputation for itself as an unmissable address for lovers of quality products under the leadership of the Schneider family, the current owners. The château’s delicatessen sells fine wines, excellent oils and gastronomic products from the valley of Les Baux-de-Provence, and delicious dishes are on the menu at Bistrot Mogador. The restaurant is located in an old oil mill on the estate and has become a gourmet stop on the Route des Alpilles. Guests can dine al fresco or in the charming vaulted hall of the walls steeped in history.

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