My Collagen Lift: working from the inside out to ensure beauty from the outside in


Tatiana Peuvrel

Holder of the European Diploma in Medical Lasers

January 2, 2022

My Collagen Lift anti-ageing treatment is a result of extensive research and 10 years’ worth of experience in anti-ageing treatments. It’s a unique formula developed by aestheticians, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists at the EstheMedis centre in Genolier. It’s a 100% natural anti-ageing food supplement and is entirely developed and manufactured in Switzerland. The product is aimed at anyone over the age of 25 that wants to maintain beautiful and healthy skin. It’s not just the skin that benefits from using this supplement, it also helps with joint ageing, nails, and even hair. What makes My Collagen Lift a great choice is that it doesn’t contain additives, sugar, or glucose. To further prove its usefulness, several tests were created in which after 45 days, the skin recovers 22% firmness and 80% more moisture. 

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MyCollagenLift anti-ageing treatment is not a miracle marketing product, nor is it the fruit of a laboratory or a cosmetic brand. It is the result of long research and the culmination of over 10 years of experience in anti-ageing treatment. A unique formula, developed from the know-how of aestheticians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists at the EstheMedis centre in Genolier, an establishment of excellence that has been offering a number of non-invasive techniques against skin ageing since 2008. An unparalleled legitimacy for an ideal treatment, 100% natural and entirely developed and manufactured in Switzerland. “To bring out the outer beauty you must also act from the inside” reminds Tatiana Brandt, co-creator of MyCollagenLift and director of the EstheMedis centre.

What is MyCollagenLift?

It is a 100% natural anti-ageing food supplement, guaranteeing a complete and daily supply of elements essential for skin regeneration. We did not want to create yet another classic anti-ageing product, but rather an instrument that complements all existing non-invasive techniques that help fight skin ageing. The MyCollagenLift treatment is aimed at anyone aged 25 and over who wishes to maintain the radiance and elasticity of their skin and also to fight against tissue hydration problems. MyCollagenLift is a complete anti-ageing treatment which has other virtues because, in addition to its anti-wrinkle action, it delays and combats joint ageing thanks to a mixture of natural hyaluronic acid and marine collagen. The treatment is presented in the form of small sticks containing a fine odourless powder to be diluted in a glass of water: this is the daily dose necessary for the regeneration of all the cells contained in the 2 square metres of skin of a person. The guarantee of a complete anti-ageing treatment with long-lasting and visible effects on the face, the skin of the limbs, the nails or even the hair.

What does MyCollagenLift contain?

How does this product differ from other anti-aging supplements on the market? We have selected and rigorously dosed all the elements that guarantee skin regeneration and that are not present in sufficient quantities in food even if we observe a very healthy lifestyle: Hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E etc. All ingredients are 100% natural. There are no additives, preservatives or hidden products such as sugar or glucose in our formula. We were absolutely determined that MyCollagenLift should be perfectly healthy, as it is a treatment that our customers will be absorbing for several weeks or even months, so it must not present the slightest risk to their health. It was also very important for us to be able to supervise the development and manufacture of our treatment at every stage of its creation, which is why MyCollagenLift is developed and manufactured locally, here in Switzerland. Finally, we wanted MyCollagenLift to be not just another anti-ageing product on the market, but a complementary tool to our entire range of non-invasive, once-daily anti-ageing treatments over several weeks.

What are the results on the skin? How long does the treatment last?

We have done several very extensive clinical tests which claim that after 45 days of treatment, the skin recovers 22% more firmness and 80% more moisture. All the people who have used MyCollagenLift also assure us that they have observed the benefits and effectiveness of the treatment on their skin after several days: more radiance, tone and firmness and also a better hydration of the tissues. The treatment also helps to regulate certain inflammatory processes that can damage the skin and accelerate skin ageing. Finally, to give you a concrete example: 50% of the people who use our product have already benefited from a facelift. In these cases, MyCollagenLift is a very good complement to heal, hydrate the skin and maintain the effects of the facelift in the long term. Concerning the duration of the treatment, from the age of 40, we recommend a 3-month course of treatment because it takes a minimum of 90 days for the collagen fibre to weave and have visible effects on the skin. After the age of 50, we recommend a 3 month treatment, three times a year.

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